Addressing Teenage Pregnancy Through
Bongo Flava Music and Streets Arts.

Changing Lives in The Streets Using Bongo Flava Music.

SasaBasi !!! Campaign is leveraging the power of streets arts in sending messages and spreading knowledge to youths. The campaign is adopting the famous Bongo Flava music as a platform to share the SRH knowledge supporting governments efforts to reduce teenage pregnancy.

Helping Young Girls To Make Right SRH Choices.

SasaBasi !!! is a prevention approach campaign which focused on empowering young girls to make an informed decision on issues related to sexual reproductive health. The campaigns amplify voices of young girls and promotes young talented Bongo Flava artists who use music as a tool to empower and inform, going beyond entertainment.


Bringing together innovators, sexual reproductive health experts, and Bongo Flava artists in one platform to design interventions addressing teenage pregnancy in the community.


Training Bongo Flava artists on sexual reproductive health, helping them to understand the scope of the problem of teenage pregancy in the country and their role on addressing the problem.


Music audition to find engaging Bongo Flava songs with ideal messages to address the problem of teenage pregnancy for adolescents girls and young women living in hyperlocal communities.


Free and open public concert with songs carrying the messages on teenage pregnancy, the scope of the problems and its impact, performed by the finalist artists from the SasaBasi campaign.